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Unlock your fitness potential with YK11, a powerful supplement designed to help you achieve your body transformation goals. This 10mg x 30ml bottle provides you with a convenient and precise way to incorporate YK11 into your fitness regimen.


Yk11 structure

Molecular Formula: C25H34O6


CAS NUMBER: 1370003-76-1

Storage: Room Temperature

Appearance: Clear Liquid


Key Features:

  • High-quality YK11 supplement
  • 10mg per 30ml for accurate dosing
  • Supports muscle growth and strength
  • Aids in promoting lean body composition
  • Convenient and easy to use

Elevate your fitness journey with YK11 10mg x 30 ml and experience the benefits of increased muscle growth, strength, and an improved physique. This supplement is your secret weapon for taking your fitness goals to the next level.

What is YK11? 

If you’re thinking about buying YK11 or any other SARMs and making them part of your fitness routine, it’s crucial to have a conversation with a qualified healthcare professional. They can guide you through the legal aspects and potential risks associated with these compounds, ensuring your safety and well-being throughout your fitness journey.

How Does YK11 Work?

YK11 is a synthetic steroidal SARM that works by binding to the androgen receptor similar to testosterone. It activates anabolic signaling pathways in muscle and bone that lead to increased protein synthesis, muscle growth, and bone mineral density. Studies show YK11 increases follistatin levels, which enhances muscle growth. It also exhibits SARM-like selectivity, preferentially targeting muscle and bone over the prostate.

YK11 Results: Potential Health Benefits Of YK11

Research shows YK11 can increase lean body mass and strength. One study found it boosted muscle mass just as effectively as testosterone propionate in mice. Human trials report rapid strength gains of up to 15 pounds on bench press in just 8 weeks with YK11 supplementation. It also increased bone mineral density in studies. The potent muscle-building effects make it attractive for performance enhancement.

YK11 Dosage

The typical YK11 dosage ranges from 10–15 mg per day. Cycles usually last 4–8 weeks, followed by an equal-length off-cycle. Starting around 10 mg daily helps assess tolerance. Doses above 15 mg may increase potential side effects without added benefit. Injection or oral dosing can be effective. Always start low and increase gradually.

YK11 Side Effects

Potential side effects may include testosterone suppression, liver toxicity, and negative impacts on heart health with long-term use. Using a short cycle, following a PCT protocol, getting regular blood work, and limiting doses can reduce risks. But all anabolic compounds, like YK11, carry inherent health risks that should be carefully considered.

Where to Buy YK11 online?

When looking to buy YK11 online, it’s important to find trustworthy sources that offer this performance-enhancing compound. Consider reputable online suppliers for both YK11 and other different types of peptides to buy, and be sure to check reviews and customer feedback to ensure the quality and authenticity of your purchase.

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