Mk 677 25mg x 30ml


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Mk 677 25mg x 30ml
Mk 677 25mg x 30ml


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Mk677 chemical strucutre


Molecular formula: C27H36N4O5SCH4O3S
Molar Mass: 624.776
CAS number: 159752-10-0
PubChem CID: 178024

Storage: Room Temperature

What is MK-677?

MK-677 is a potent, orally active growth hormone secretagogue. It stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete greater amounts of human growth hormone (GH) naturally. Elevated GH levels then boost the production of insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) in the liver.

MK-677 was originally developed to treat growth deficiencies and muscle-wasting conditions. However, it also showed intriguing properties for increasing anabolic hormones like GH and IGF-1. This made it appealing for athletes and bodybuilders looking to build lean muscle mass.

What is MK-677 Used For?

Typical uses of MK-677 include:

  • Increasing muscle mass: Elevated GH and IGF-1 levels make MK-677 ideal for improving protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Clinical studies show significant boosts in lean body mass.
  • Strengthening bones: Research indicates MK-677 may improve markers of bone formation and density. This could help prevent osteoporosis.
  • Boosting metabolism: By mirroring GH effects, MK-677 can increase resting energy expenditure and fat burning.
  • Improving recovery: Some evidence suggests MK-677 may speed up recovery between workouts and reduce muscle damage.

Taken orally once per day, MK-677 offers a convenient way to achieve substantial GH boosts without injections.

MK-677 Benefits and Results

Though more fitness-focused human trials are still needed, the results so far on the MK-677 are very promising.

  • A 12-week study on elderly men showed over 14% increases in lean body mass even without training.
  • Research on those with hip fractures found MK-677 accelerated bone healing and improved functional outcomes better than placebo.
  • One trial demonstrated MK-677 synergizes with weight training to increase muscle mass, strength, and especially IGF-1 levels.
  • Anecdotal reviews by bodybuilders often cite 15-20-pound lean mass gains over several months when combined with proper training and diet.

So far, the evidence is very promising for MK-677’s ability to elevate GH and boost muscle growth. Proper cycling can limit side effects.

Potential Side Effects of MK-677

As with any GH-boosting compound, possible short-term side effects of MK-677 include:

  • Water retention can cause temporary swelling in the hands or feet. Higher doses increase the likelihood.
  • Numbness or tingling may indicate effects on blood sugar or nerve signaling.
  • Headaches can occur as hormone levels fluctuate. Staying hydrated helps minimize
  • Low blood sugar (MK-677) can increase insulin secretion, so monitor for hypoglycemia.

These effects are usually not serious if doses are moderate and cycles are controlled. Longer-term safety remains understudied.

How to Take MK-677

As an oral liquid or capsule, MK-677 dosing is very convenient.

  • Take doses once per day in the morning or before bed.
  • Consume on an empty stomach for maximum absorption.
  • Use for cycle lengths of 8–12 weeks, followed by equal time off.

Timing doses shortly before training or bedtime may provide optimal results via GH pulse timing.

MK-677 Dosage Guidelines

Clinical studies use doses of 10–50 mg per day, but bodybuilding purposes require less.

  • Beginner: 10–15 mg daily
  • Intermediate: 20–25 mg daily
  • Advanced: 30mg daily maximum

Starting low and assessing tolerance is key. Cycles over 12 weeks may increase side effects without more gains. Post-cycle therapy is not needed, but time off is recommended.

For best muscle-building results with MK-677, maximize workout nutrition and protein intake while cycling. When timed properly, MK-677 can take physique goals to new levels.

Where to Buy MK-677 Online

With MK-677’s rise in popularity, finding a legitimate source online is critical. Thoroughly research suppliers, verifying third-party purity testing and quality standards.

I recommend buying peptides from a reputable source for pharmaceutical-grade MK-677. They provide extensive COAs for testing purity and concentration. When dosed properly, MK-677 offers impressive muscle-building potential with minimal side effects for most.

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