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What is IGF-1?

IGF-1, short for insulin-like growth factor 1, is an important peptide hormone involved in growth and metabolism. Our livers pump out most of our IGF-1, but it’s also produced locally in other tissues when growth hormone is released. So IGF-1 acts as a key messenger that mediates many of the anabolic, growth-promoting effects triggered by growth hormone.

This peptide hormone not only plays a crucial role in stimulating growth during childhood and adolescence, but it also continues modulating cell development, muscle growth, bone strength, and essentially the vitality of nearly every cell in the body, even through adulthood.

Structurally, IGF-1 closely resembles insulin. And fittingly, it regulates aspects of metabolism and nutrient uptake similar to insulin. But its effects tend to be more targeted towards cell proliferation, tissue building, protein synthesis, and inhibiting cell death. By supporting growth and regeneration at the cellular level, IGF-1 helps maintain tissues like the brain, muscles, organs, and glands in a perpetually anabolic, youthful state.

What does the IGF-1 do?

IGF-1 is like a superintendent overseeing growth and maintenance in the body. Some of its key roles involve promoting muscle growth, strength, and performance.

For building muscle, IGF-1 increases the uptake of amino acids and glycogen into skeletal muscle. This provides muscles with the essential building blocks for making new proteins and growing larger. IGF-1 also inhibits the breakdown of existing muscle proteins. It stimulates the activation and proliferation of muscle satellite cells, which fuse together to form larger, stronger muscle fibers.

How is IGF-1 performance enhanced?

The anabolic properties of IGF-1 make it highly desirable for enhancing athletic performance as well as bodybuilding goals. Increased availability of IGF-1 can lead to significant gains in lean muscle mass and strength. Since it boosts protein synthesis and slows muscle breakdown, IGF-1 is able to markedly augment hypertrophy from weight training. Higher circulating IGF-1 can also improve recovery between workouts. Furthermore, IGF-1 enhances metabolism and reduces fat stores. For these reasons, manipulations to elevate IGF-1 have strong potential for boosting physical abilities.

What are the possible benefits of IGF-1?

Some of the possible benefits associated with increased levels of IGF-1 include:

  • Enhanced muscle recovery after workouts
  • Improved exercise performance and endurance
  • Greater fat loss and metabolic rate
  • Improved nitrogen retention
  • Quicker injury rehabilitation
  • Increased collagen production and skin elasticity
  • Stronger bones and cartilage
  • Neuroprotective effects on brain and nerves

The combination of boosting muscle growth, body composition, and performance is what makes IGF-1 so enticing. However, side effects are possible if used improperly.

Dosage of IGF-1

For adults deficient in IGF-1 due to a GH disorder, typical dosing ranges from 10–60 mcg/kg twice daily by injection. This is highly individualized based on the condition being treated and requires a prescription. For those seeking to increase IGF-1 for performance enhancement, much lower doses within the range of 50–150 mcg administered 1-2 times per day appear common. However, IGF-1 can only be legally obtained for research purposes. Medical guidance is necessary when using any IGF-1 compound.

Where to buy IGF-1

Pharmaceutical-grade synthetic IGF-1 is only available legally at specialized anti-aging and hormone clinics with a doctor’s prescription for IGF-1 replacement therapy. Otherwise, IGF-1 is a research-grade chemical that can only be obtained from licensed suppliers like Enhanced Peptides for use solely in scientific studies, not for personal use. The law prohibits the sale of any IGF-1 product without proper credentials and lab documentation. Consultation with a medical professional is imperative before attempting to purchase.

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