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Unlock the potential of Hexarelin, a cutting-edge peptide designed to enhance growth hormone levels and promote overall well-being. With a precision-engineered formulation of 2mg, this advanced peptide offers a targeted approach to support your fitness and health goals.

Maximize your performance, recovery, and overall health with Hexarelin 2mg – the epitome of scientific advancement in peptide supplementation. Elevate your fitness experience and unlock a new level of well-being.

Chemical Structure:

Hexarelin Acetate Chemical Structure

Molecular Formula: C47H58N12O6

Molecular Mass: 887.04022

Amino Acid Sequence: His-D-2-methyl-Trp-Ala-Trp-D-Phe-Lys

Side Effects of Hexarelin

  • Generally well-tolerated in most subjects at appropriate doses when used for research purposes.
  • Potential side effects may include flushing, headaches, lightheadedness, and increased joint pain.
  • Some animal studies suggest a potential increase in cholesterol levels at higher hexarelin doses.
  • Risks of desensitization with longer-term use, emphasizing the importance of cycling protocols.
  • Researching proper dosing, observing for adverse reactions, and seeking medical oversight are advised for optimal research outcomes with any investigational substance.

Hexarelin Dosage

For metabolic and cardiac research applications, the commonly used hexarelin dosage range is 200–300 mcg per day. Dosage should be tailored to the individual and used based on sensitivity and desired effects. Cycle lengths of 4–8 weeks are typical, followed by an equal-length off-cycle break.

Potential Protective Benefits

Studies show that hexarelin can offer muscle protection through the regulation of calcium homeostasis. This can be very beneficial in cases of muscle ischemia and traumatic muscle injuries. In mouse models, hexarelin also protects skeletal muscle by inhibiting muscle wasting.


Hexarelin and Chemotherapy

Hexarelin protects different muscle tissues, especially during ischemic conditions. It has been considered a potential adjunct for treating cancer. Although there is no vivid evidence of the direct effects of it on cancer cells, scientists are looking at its protective action on muscle tissues against the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

The use of platinum-based drugs often leaves behind chemotherapeutic side effects. In the long run, the activity of hexarelin in limiting muscle wasting can allow for the use of toxic drugs, which can lead to the long-term survival of cancer patients


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