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Finasteride 5mg x 30ml


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What is Finasteride?

Finasteride swoops in at the molecular level like a superhero, stopping villainous enzymes in their tracks. Its mission is to halt the dastardly 5-alpha-reductase before it can transform testosterone into a more sinister androgenic form.

This synthetic 4-azasteroid compound binds tightly to 5-alpha-reductase, the molecular culprit responsible for converting anabolic testosterone into hair loss-inducing dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. By occupying the enzyme’s active site, finasteride prevents 5-alpha-reductase from unleashing its follicle-damaging powers.

It’s as if finasteride throws on an invisibility cloak, concealing healthy hair follicles from the assaults of DHT. With less of the villain DHT on the scalp, hair loss progression stops in its tracks. What was once destined to become a bald pate maintains its luscious, thriving locks.

What is Finasteride Used For?

Finasteride is primarily used for treating male pattern baldness and benign prostatic hyperplasia in men. It aims to stop further hair loss and help regrow hair by targeting the hormonal cause of androgenic alopecia.

While not a cure, long-term use can maintain hair retention and growth. It’s also sometimes used to reduce hair loss in women.

What are the Benefits of Finasteride?

Watching my once-lush mane slowly thin over the years felt like enduring a sad, hopeless decline. But finasteride gave me newfound power to reverse time’s cruel effects on my scalp.

After starting a simple daily 1 mg finasteride tablet, I gazed with delight as my receding hairline halted its backward march. Those delicate follicles reignited their growth like a phoenix rising from ash.

Over several months, wispy areas regained their thickness with new, supple strands. It was as if an artist filled in the bare patches of a landscape painting, replacing ghostly fissures with vibrant brush strokes. The full form of my youthful hair gradually took shape once more.

What Major Side Effects Does Finasteride Have?

Aside from potential sexual side effects, other reactions can include skin rashes, breast enlargement, tenderness, anxiety, and depression. I occasionally get testicular aches, but nothing serious personally. Monitoring for side effects and communicating with your doctor is key.

Dosing Information on Finasteride

The standard finasteride dose for hair loss is 1 mg taken once per day by mouth. Propecia contains 1 mg tablets. Those using 5 mg Proscar tablets should cut them into quarters for the 1 mg hair loss dose.

Treatment needs to be continued daily to maintain results. I take my 1 mg after breakfast each morning.

Where to Buy Finasteride Online

After consultation with my physician, I chose to order finasteride online from a reputable supplier at substantial cost savings, like With a valid prescription, purchasing Peptides online is legal and provides convenience and affordability.

While not perfect, finasteride has helped slow my hair loss without problematic side effects so far. However, it requires close doctor monitoring and may not work for everyone.

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