CJC with DAC and GHRP 6 2mg


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By combining these three growth-boosting peptides, it provides a synergistic blend designed to amplify your body’s own natural growth hormone production. The GHRP-6 gives strong short-term GH pulses, while the two forms of CJC-1295 (with and without DAC) work together to increase GH release rapidly and extend it over a long period. This dynamic peptide blend offers convenience and potent growth hormone-elevating effects in one pre-loaded injection pen.


Research has shown the potency of stacking these particular peptides for safely optimizing human growth hormone production at supraphysiological levels. However, it’s important when buying peptides online to only purchase from reputable suppliers that provide third-party purity testing on peptides and use proper handling techniques. Domestic sources with great client feedback and satisfaction should be sought after for the highest quality.

Benefits of Using the GHRP-6, CJC-1295 Pen

  • Increased Muscle Mass and Strength
  • Enhanced Fat Loss and Metabolism
  • Better Injury Healing and Joint Support
  • Athletic Performance Improvement
  • Anti-Aging Effects

How to Use It Correctly

To use this peptide pen, start with 1 mL injected under the skin (subcutaneously) per day. Pay close attention to how your body responds as you evaluate the right dosage for your goals and cycle length. Gradually increase the dosage over time if needed to continue seeing results. But take it slow; more isn’t always better with peptides. Be sure to follow proper sterile injection techniques to stay safe. Maintaining clean needles and injection sites is critical when administering any compound subcutaneously.

Dosage Recommendations

Inject 1 ml daily of the pre-mixed pen subcutaneously. Start low and increase gradually as needed. Cycle for 6–12 weeks, with time off between cycles. Follow sterile reconstitution procedures.

This potent GHRP-6 and CJC-1295 (with and without DAC) combo in a pre-mixed pen provides convenience and powerful growth hormone-boosting effects. Buy high-quality peptides online from reputable sources for your research.


  • 2mg GHRP-6
  • 2mg CJC-1295 with DAC
  • 2mg CJC-1295, no DAC
  • Pre-mixed solution in pen for easy subcutaneous injection

Buy Top Quality GHRP-6, CJC, DAC Peptides Online

With the rise in popularity of peptides, be sure to purchase from reputable suppliers like Enhanced Peptides, which provide third-party purity testing and quality controls. This ensures you receive the highest-quality product for your research needs.

The pre-formulated GHRP-6 (CJC-1295) pen provides a powerful and convenient way to explore optimizing your body’s own growth hormone production. Use it safely and effectively.

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