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CJC 1295 without DAC (also called Mod GRF 1-29) and GHRP-6 are two peptides that are often taken together to boost growth hormones. CJC 1295 works by mimicking one of your body’s own growth hormone-releasing hormones. This signals your pituitary gland to secrete more GH.

GHRP-6 activates a different pathway; it stimulates receptors that trigger your body to produce even larger bursts of growth hormone.

So by taking 2mg each of CJC 1295 and GHRP-6 together, you get dual action for amplifying growth hormone release. The GH pulses triggered by this combo are much greater than what your body normally produces.

For bodybuilders and athletes, stacking these peptides can really help push muscle growth and fat loss to the next level. The major boost in your body’s own natural growth hormone production also has anti-aging benefits. At the commonly used dosages of 2mg each, this duo can take your results up several notches.

How CJC No DAC and GHRP 6 2mg Works

CJC 1295 without DAC and GHRP-6 work synergistically to boost both growth hormone and IGF-1 release in the body.

CJC 1295 acts on the pituitary gland to create bigger “bursts” of growth hormone secretion. This increases the total amount of GH your body pumps out.

When you add in GHRP-6, it activates a separate pathway to trigger even larger growth hormone pulses. The combined effect of these two peptides results in a dramatic amplification of total GH release.

This flood of growth hormone then signals the liver to crank up the production of IGF-1. IGF-1 is the prime anabolic hormone that drives muscle growth and repair throughout the body.

Benefits of CJC No. DAC and GHRP 6 2mg

  • Significantly increases lean muscle mass by boosting protein synthesis
  • Triggers lipolysis to reduce stubborn fatty deposits and abdominal fat
  • Improves skin elasticity, hair growth, and immune function
  • Heals wounds, injuries, and joint pain faster
  • Increases bone density and collagen production
  • Enhances physical endurance and exercise capacity
  • improves mood, focus, and mental performance

Side Effects of CJC No. DAC and GHRP 6 2mg

  • Increased hunger and appetite
  • Water retention under the skin
  • Joint pain and numbness
  • Headaches or dizziness
  • Redness and itching at the injection site
  • Tiredness or lethargy
  • Flu-like symptoms

Where to Buy Peptides Online: CJC No. DAC and GHRP 6 2mg

When looking to purchase CJC 1295 No. DAC and GHRP 6, buy from a reputable USA-based peptide company. Ensure purity through third-party testing and refrigerated shipping methods. Check reviews, satisfaction guarantees, and verified customer experiences before buying peptides online.

CJC 1295 No. DAC and GHRP 6 (2 mg) Dosage

  • 2mg of each peptide per injection
  • Administer shots 2-3 times daily
  • Space out doses by several hours
  • Cycle for 12- to 16-week periods


The CJC 1295 No DAC and GHRP-6 peptide stack offers powerful GH release. Consider acquiring 2mg vials of both compounds from a trusted U.S. peptide supplier. When used properly, this combo can aid in muscle growth, fat loss, and anti-aging effects.

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