Enclomiphene Citrate For Bodybuilding

Enclomiphene Citrate: Boosting Testosterone for Bodybuilding and Hypogonadism

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Testosterone rightly earns status as the crucial masculine health hormone responsible for everything from lean muscularity support to energizing metabolism and bedroom vitality. Yet by age 50, one-third of men experience troublesome testosterone declines, robbing zestful vigor. No wonder testosterone therapies proved explosively popular for restoring drive and strength.

But risks like shrinking testicles or permanent dependence scared many beyond vanity, especially those desiring future families one day. Now innovative options like enclomiphene work smarter by stimulating your own robust natural production back to ideal youthful levels. Health, hormonal balance, and fertility all become supportable goals rather than traded through informed use.

Restoring peak testosterone this way further elevates daily energy, gym potential, and even brain function based on movement-wide reports tracking thousands now optimizing fitness, health, and bedroom performance thanks to such cutting-edge, precise interventions. Under medical guidance, remarkable enhancements await. The future of invigorating hormone therapies looks bright for men who want it all balanced.

What is Enclomiphene Citrate For Bodybuilders?

Enclomiphene-citrate for bodybuilding (Androxal) is a selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) that was developed by Repros Therapeutics to treat low testosterone in men.

Chemically, enclomiphene citrate for bodybuilding is the cis-isomer of clomid citrate. Both compounds are SERMs that work by blocking estrogen feedback at the hypothalamus, resulting in increased production of gonadotropins like FSH and LH, which in turn stimulate natural testosterone production.

However, enclomiphene differs from other SERMs like tamoxifen and clomiphene in that it has weaker estrogenic activity in comparison. Enclomiphene is the more potent isomer that is primarily responsible for the testosterone boosting effects, whereas the trans-clomiphene isomer mainly accounts for the anti-estrogenic side effects.

This gives enclomiphene an advantage over other SERMs because it acts predominantly as an estrogen blocker in the brain, stimulating testosterone production, but has less unwanted estrogenic activity in other tissues like bone and liver.

In studies, enclomiphene has been shown to increase testosterone levels and sperm counts in men with secondary hypogonadism and infertility. However, it’s also gaining popularity as an off-label prescription drug used by bodybuilders and athletes to boost testosterone. When looking to obtain enclomiphene for these purposes, many individuals seek convenient ways to purchase peptides with credit card payments to facilitate their acquisition.

How Does Enclomiphene Citrate For Bodybuilding Work?

To understand how enclomiphene works, it’s important to first understand the function of estrogen in regulating the male hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal (HPG) axis.

This complex feedback system controls the production and release of key hormones involved in testosterone synthesis:

  • GnRH: GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone) is made by the hypothalamus and stimulates the release of LH and FSH from the pituitary gland.
  • LH and FSH: Luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) are produced and released by the pituitary in response to GnRH signals.
  • Testosterone: LH signals the Leydig cells in the testes to produce testosterone, while FSH stimulates spermatogenesis.

Under normal conditions, testosterone will provide negative feedback to the hypothalamus and pituitary to decrease LH, FSH, and GnRH production. This keeps testosterone levels within the normal, healthy range.

Estrogen also plays an important role in this feedback loop. The enzyme aromatase converts testosterone into estrogen, which then signals the hypothalamus/pituitary to slow down production of testosterone.

This prevents testosterone from getting too high outside the normal range. Aromatase inhibitors like anastrozole work by blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Enclomiphene works differently; it acts as a SERM to block the action of estrogen at receptors in the hypothalamus.

  • When enclomiphene binds to estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus, it blocks estrogen from binding to those receptors.
  • This tricks the brain into thinking there’s too little estrogen.
  • Since estrogen is low, the brain responds by churning out more GnRH, LH and FSH levels to ramp up testosterone production.
  • More testosterone is produced by the testes due to increased LH signals.

So in summary, enclomiphene works by blocking estrogen’s feedback effect in the brain. This releases the breaks on testosterone production, allowing FSH and LH to stimulate the testes to make more testosterone.

Enclomiphene Citrate For Bodybuilding

Benefits of Enclomiphene Citrate for Bodybuilders

Here are some of the main benefits that make enclomiphene-citrate for bodybuilding appealing for bodybuilders and athletes:

1. Boosts Testosterone Level

The most obvious benefit is that enclomiphene will raise testosterone levels. Studies confirm that men administered 12.5 to 50 mg per day of enclomiphene for 6-12 weeks experienced significant boosts in total and free testosterone levels.

Having higher testosterone is hugely beneficial for bodybuilders for increasing strength, build muscle growth, energy levels, performance, sex drive, and fat loss. It also combats low-test symptoms like low energy, lean muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, and depression.

2. Fewer Effects Than Steroids

For bodybuilders, the main allure of enclomiphene is that it boosts testosterone and muscle gains, but has a better safety profile compared to anabolic steroids or testosterone replacement therapy.

Potential side effects like shrinking testicles, gynecomastia, acne, prostate issues, cardiovascular problems, and shutdown of natural hormone production are lower with enclomiphene compared to injectable steroids.

3. Convenient Oral Administration

Enclomiphene is taken as a small oral tablet, which is preferable to injecting exogenous testosterone. Oral administration makes it much more convenient for bodybuilders to take enclomiphene anytime, anywhere.

4. Allows Continued Use Without Suppression

A major problem with anabolic steroids is that they suppress natural hormone production, especially testosterone secretion. This leads to dependency on steroids and the need for post-cycle therapy.

Enclomiphene helps sustain higher testosterone while maintaining natural hormone balance in the long term. Testosterone levels remain elevated for as long as you take enclomiphene daily, allowing bodybuilders to benefit from elevated androgen and estrogen levels long-term without concern for suppression or hormonal crashes.

5. Doesn’t Aromatize Into Estrogen

Some anabolic steroids will aromatize and convert into estrogen in the body, leading to side effects like water retention, fat gain, and gynecomastia.

With enclomiphene, increased estrogen production doesn’t happen because it doesn’t directly supply exogenous testosterone that gets converted into estrogen. This makes it a cleaner option than many traditional steroids.

6. May Help Boost Lean Gains

There’s some evidence that selective estrogen receptor modulators like enclomiphene may have the ability to shift testosterone metabolism to favor more anabolic DHT while reducing levels of unwanted products like estrogen and prolactin.

This mechanism of action could potentially enhance lean muscle gains compared to natural testosterone production or testosterone therapy. However, more research is still needed to confirm these effects.

7. Restores Full Hormone Production

In men with clinically low testosterone, enclomiphene works to bring total testosterone levels back to a healthy normal range in a physiologic manner by restoring your body’s natural testosterone production pathways.

This has benefits over traditional TRT, which often leads to prolonged suppression of your natural hormone production. Enclomiphene comes closer to restoring true hormonal homeostasis.

Potential Side Effects of Enclomiphene

Although considered relatively mild, there are some potential side effects to be aware of with enclomiphene-citrate for bodybuilding:

  • Headaches
  • Hot flashes
  • GI issues like nausea or diarrhea
  • Fatigue
  • Visual disturbances
  • Skin reactions
  • Mood changes like irritability or depression
  • Breast swelling or tenderness
  • Changes in cholesterol levels
  • Joint pain or stiffness
  • Sleep disturbances or insomnia
  • Hormone imbalances from long-term use

These side effects tend to be dose-dependent and more likely at higher dosages over 50 mg per day. Using the lowest effective dose and monitoring your response and hormones can help minimize the risk of side effects.

There are also mixed opinions on whether enclomiphene negatively impacts vision in some users, like other SERMs such as clomiphene. Some bodybuilders have reported vision changes, while other studies have not found evidence of visual impairment. Long-term studies are still lacking.

As with any hormonal drug, enclomiphene may also raise the risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots slightly in predisposed individuals, although the evidence is still inconclusive. Those with existing heart conditions should use caution.

Is a PCT Needed?

A common question is whether or not post-cycle therapy (PCT) is needed after running enclomiphene.

The answer is generally no, since enclomiphene stimulates your body’s own natural testosterone production and doesn’t directly cause shutdown or suppression of your hypothalamic pituitary testicular axis (HPTA).

Studies show that testosterone levels return to normal after stopping enclomiphene without the need for PCT drugs like clomiphene or tamoxifen. However, this should be verified through blood work.

Some bodybuilders choose to taper down their enclomiphene dosage over 1-2 weeks rather than stopping abruptly in order to let natural hormone production ramp back up more smoothly, similar to the ‘cruise’ period in cycling.

Ideal Dosage and Cycling

So what’s the best way to take enclomiphene in terms of dosage and cycling protocol?

Studies administering enclomiphene-citrate for bodybuilding and treating hypogonadism and infertility have found effective dosing ranges between 12.5 mg and 50 mg taken once daily. The most common dose tends to be 25 mg per day.

Most bodybuilders find that a 12–25 mg daily dosage provides an optimal balance for boosting testosterone levels into the high-normal range while minimizing side effects. Splitting the dose AM/PM may help stabilize blood levels as well.

A typical enclomiphene cycle usually lasts 4–12 weeks, depending on goals, with 8 weeks being common. This allows enough time for substantial elevations in muscular strength and hypertrophy to take effect. Continually running enclomiphene for longer periods without cycling off is generally not recommended due to potential desensitization effects.

Introducing other SERMs like tamoxifen or aromatase inhibitors during the off-weeks may help preserve more of the muscle and strength gains as well. Always start with lower doses of new compounds and get blood work to monitor hormone response.

It’s also possible to stack other anabolic supplements during the 4–12-week enclomiphene cycle for greater performance enhancement, such as non-aromatizing compounds like LGD-4033 or RAD-140 SARMs at conservative doses of 5–10 mg per day. However, this may increase risk of side effects and hormonal dysfunction when mixing multiple compounds.

Where to Getting Enclomiphene

The biggest catch is that enclomiphene is not yet FDA approved or commercially available. It was originally developed by Repros Therapeutics as Androxal, but the FDA rejected it for commercial sale in 2014, delaying it reaching the market.

Pharmaceutical companies have less financial incentive to develop drugs like enclomiphene since natural compounds can’t be patented for profit in the same way as synthetic anabolic steroids.

Despite this, enclomiphene-citrate for bodybuilding is still readily found from research chemical companies online. It’s offered in liquid suspension or pill forms for use in lab research settings. The powders are legally manufactured and sold not for human consumption.

However, the legal gray area and lack of regulation means enclomiphene quality and purity can be questionable from some vendors. Only buy Enclomiphene Citrate for Bodybuilding from reputable suppliers that provide 3rd party lab testing and verification of the purity and dose. This ensures you’re getting properly dosed enclomiphene-citrate for bodybuilding.

Research chems should also be properly handled using precautions like sterile vials, protective gloves, dosing syringes, and lab filters to minimize contamination or bacterial growth when reconstituting suspensions.

Is the Use of Enclomiphene for Bodybuilding Legal?

The legal status of enclomiphene is complicated. Technically it’s not an illegal black-market steroid.

But the FDA has not approved enclomiphene as a prescription medicine or dietary supplement. This means it cannot be legally marketed or sold for human consumption.

However, it exists in a legal gray area where the pure chemical powders are available from research companies online operating in countries where these “research compounds” remain unregulated. But once sold for personal use, they are usually considered illegally obtained drugs without a valid prescription in most Western countries.

This puts potential legal risk on the buyer, so it’s up to you to determine if those risks are acceptable. Quality testing and controlled dosing can help reduce risks of any health consequences.

Is Enclomiphene Citrate For Bodybuilding Safe?

Despite being touted as a ‘mild’ alternative to traditional steroids, enclomiphene is not without risks—especially long-term. Clinical studies so far have mainly evaluated short-term usage over several weeks.

The long-term safety of consistently elevated testosterone levels in the bodybuilding range is unknown. Potential liver toxicity is also a concern with extended use.

For optimal safety, the lowest effective dose should be used, with regular blood work to check for hormone balance and health markers. Watch out for high estrogen conversion or rising prolactin levels, which can indicate potential issues down the road.

Avoid oral consumption and stick to injections or topical products under medical guidance to bypass the liver when it comes to testosterone use.

Introducing occasional off-cycles gives the body breaks from exogenous hormone stimulation as well. Estrogen blocking supplements may help counteract unwanted side effects too.

But at the end of the day, enclomiphene remains an experimental research compound without thorough large-scale studies proving its long-term safety. Caution is advised.

Enclomiphene vs. Other Steroids/SERMs

How does enclomiphene compare against other options for boosting testosterone and performance? Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Vs. Testosterone therapy – Enclomiphene elevates testosterone similar to testosterone therapy, but without suppressing natural production. However, exogenous tests may produce more dramatic muscle gains short-term.
  • Vs. Anabolic steroids – Oral steroids like dianabol may build more mass quickly but have more risks. Enclomiphene is milder without shutdown of HPTA function.
  • Vs. SARMs – SARMs like ostarine provide an edge over naturals for recomping, but quality is unreliable. Enclomiphene has fewer unknowns.
  • Vs. clomiphene – Enclomiphene has fewer anti-estrogenic side effects like vision issues compared to clomiphene citrate. But clomiphene is readily available.
  • Vs. tamoxifen – Tamoxifen is also used for PCT. But enclomiphene doesn’t require cycling off and has fewer sides like brain fog.

In summary, enclomiphene offers a middle ground between the dramatic but risky power of steroids, and the underwhelming effects of natural OTC alternatives. It provides an appealing balance when used judiciously under medical guidance.

Bodybuilding Stack Suggestions

To enhance the muscle-building and fat-burning enclomiphene citrate for bodybuilding, some athletes like to stack it with other supplements in cycles.

Some common stacks include:

  • Enclomiphene + SARM – Adding a SARM like LGD-4033, RAD-140 or YK-11 at 5-10mg daily can boost strength and gains. But this increases risk of side effects. Use a shorter cycle of 4-6 weeks.
  • Enclomiphene + Prohormone – Mild prohormones like 1-andro can be stacked at doses of 100-200mg. Watch for liver stress and keep cycles under 6 weeks.
  • Enclomiphene + SERM – A SERM like raloxifene at 30-60 mg daily may help counter estrogen effects for learner gains.
  • Enclomiphene + AI – An AI like aromasin at 12.5mg EOD helps control estrogen and adds hardness. But can impair lipid profiles if overused.

When stacking multiple compounds, start with lower doses and shorter cycles, and monitor blood work closely to watch for developing imbalances or health markers going out of range. Only add one new compound at a time to assess effects.

Outcomes and Customer Testimonials

What kind of results are bodybuilders actually seeing with enclomiphene use? Here’s a look at some anecdotal experiences:

One user said he put on over 12 lbs of muscle running 25mg of enclomiphene citrate for bodybuilding daily for an 8 week cycle along with strength training. He kept over 9 lbs after stopping with no PCT. He noticed robust strength increases on all lifts along with better pumps and endurance.

Another user stacked enclomiphene with a SARM and said it was the best recomp of his life. He gained 15 lbs of muscle and lost 7 lbs of fat over a 2 month period, which he largely attributed to the enclo boosting his test levels over 1000 ng/dl. He noticed some minor vision sides but said the gains were worth it.

Several users advise starting with just 12.5mg of enclomiphene citrate for bodybuilding daily and slowly ramping up the dose while monitoring bodily changes and side effects. Taking too much too quickly can lead to more prominent side effects. They suggest an 8 week cycle for first-time users is ideal for balancing results vs side effects.

Others have reported successful 16 week cycles at lower 12.5mg doses without notable side effects like vision issues that sometimes occur at higher doses. They advise taking a few months off after a 16 week cycle before considering another round.

In general, the majority of logs show very favorable experiences with enclomiphene for boosting muscle gains and fat loss while avoiding a lot of harsh side effects common with steroids. However, it does come with its own risks and should not be viewed as universally safe, especially long-term without medical oversight. Appropriate dosing and cycling protocols are key to maximizing results.

Is Enclomiphene Right for You?

Enclomiphene certainly has some appealing characteristics as a performance enhancer and muscle-builder compared to other options on the market right now.

However, it’s not a magic solution. There are always trade offs to consider when artificially raising testosterone beyond natural levels for extended periods of time. The long-term health impacts remain under-studied.

That said, when utilized carefully under medical supervision, enclomiphene does appear to offer therapeutic potential for men suffering from clinically low testosterone with symptoms negatively impacting their quality of life.

For bodybuilders and athletes, enclomiphene may provide a viable hormonal edge to enhance training. But fitness can still be achieved naturally with proper diligence to diet, smart programming, and an intelligent supplement stack.

The risks and legal uncertainty surrounding any unapproved research chemical should give pause. Thorough cost-benefit analysis is warranted for each individual situation.

If pursuing enclomiphene, have clear health and fitness objectives, start with the minimal effective dose, monitor for sides, get regular blood work, avoid oral dosing, and keep cycles to 8 weeks or less where possible. Utilizing medical guidance to manage hormones is strongly advised.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a PCT needed after enclomiphene?

A: Generally no, since enclomiphene stimulates natural testosterone production. But a short taper is advised, and bloodwork to confirm hormone recovery.

Q: Is enclomiphene citrate for bodybuilding legal to buy?

A: It’s not approved for sale legally, but often found unregulated online. There are legal risks to possessing without a prescription.

Q: What are the vision side effects?

A: Some users report visual disturbances like blurriness, difficulty focusing, or impaired night vision. But evidence is inconclusive.

Q: Does enclomiphene improve sperm count?

A: Studies show enclomiphene can increase sperm production and improve fertility in men with low sperm counts. But more research is needed.

Q: Can women use enclomiphene?

A: There is limited safety data for women, and it may interfere with female hormone balance. Not generally recommended for women.

Q: How quickly does enclomiphene increase testosterone?

A: Studies show noticeable boosts in total and free testosterone within just 2-4 weeks of daily enclomiphene administration.

Q: Is clomid or enclomiphene better?

A: Enclomiphene is the more potent isomer for raising testosterone with fewer side effects. But clomiphene may be easier to obtain.

Q: Does enclomiphene improve libido and erection strength?

A: Yes, clinical studies and user reports both note benefits for improving libido, erection quality, and sexual function from the increased testosterone.


Use of Enclomiphene citrate for bodybuilding shows promising potential as a SERM for boosting testosterone, muscle gains, and performance in athletes and bodybuilders.

However, lack of FDA approval and clinical trials leaves many open questions regarding its long-term safety profile and effects on health.

Prudent use with medical guidance, quality control, bloodwork monitoring, proper cycling, and avoiding oral consumption is strongly advised to minimize any health risks. Still, enclomiphene remains an experimental compound.

For some, the benefits of increased testosterone on body composition may outweigh the uncertainties. But there are rarely shortcuts to achieving fitness goals naturally. Consistency with diet, training, rest, and an intelligent supplement stack remains key.

If you do pursue enclomiphene, understand the risks, start low and slow, get regular health checks, and take reasonable cycles. Your health is the priority. Remember – the juice isn’t always worth the squeeze.


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